Cannabinoids in the management of difficult to treat pains

A Cannabinoid is a natural substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant. Cannabis plant releases phytocannabinoid that are effective for neurotransmission, depression reliever, and joy-giving medicine. Some evidence shows that Cannabinoid has several effects in reducing heart problems, controlling cancer, stimulating sleep, and many more. However, if you want to know about how Cannabinoid helps in pain relief, then visit

However, if you are suffering from severe pain (chronic or acute), you can be assured that a Cannabinoid can help you manage that pain. Several types of research show that consuming cannabinoids in a controlled form can help you control pain. Nowadays, cannabinoids are considered to be one of the most effective medicines in reducing migraines and arthritis. The cannabinoids do more than 90% of pain treatments around the world.


Source: MDPI

History of Painkilling and CBD

Some evidence shows that a Cannabinoid is used as a pain-relieving medicine for more than 1, 1000 years. One of the earliest evidence of Cannabinoid as a pain-relieving medicine is dated back to around 2600AD, where Emperor Shen Lung used it as an analgesic for treating leg pain. Moreover, Emperor Shen Lung is considered the father of Chinese medicine and has designed many kinds of medications that have helped all Chinese people.

Nowadays, we are stepping into a generation where everything is being verified before using it. Therefore, the uses of Cannabinoids have now been tested its use. However, significant results show that cannabinoids can help treat pain and other wide range of medical problems. However, there are still many countries where Cannabinoid or marijuana is illegal. People are still confused about the wide ranges of medical treatments that a Cannabinoid can provide.

Benefits of CBD in pain treatment

  • In a study, CBD has shown a reduction in arthritis pain and other physical pains. In another research on animals, CBD has shown to reduce mental pain.
  • CBD has shown significant results in boosting the metabolism of our body. However, CBD has a receptor that binds with the endocannabinoid, the natural metabolic enhancer of our body.
  • CBD has shown significant results in blocking the inflammation channels of our body. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that CBD has been shown to regulate pain in spinal levels.

Benefits of THC in killing pain

  • THC has shown clinical results in reducing many kinds of pain. Moreover, patients with AIDS and other Sexual problems that are immune to other pain killers are given THC as their medication.
  • THC has a receptor that can bind itself to the CB1 receptor. Moreover, the CB1 receptor has numerous antagonists, affecting the stimulation of serotonergic, dopaminergic, and glutamatergic systems.

Bottom Line

CBD is natural stuff that is extracted from the cannabis plant. People believe that consuming CBD can negatively impact their bodies; however, much research shows that CBD can have helped our boy in many ways. CBD is useful to suppress nerve pain; CBD can reduce heart problems; mostly, CBD has shown significant lowering autoimmune problems.