Applying to university from overseas in the UK

Many overseas students want to study in UK universities and would like to know about the process of application. If you are one of those, then make sure to remember one word and that is UCAS. UCAS means Universities Colleges Admission Services. If you are planning to apply for a course in UK Universities then you must go through UCAS. So, be thorough about the procedure that UCAS follow and follow it while applying.

What I must know before applying to the Universities:

  1. Your course of selection:

Make a proper selection of the course that you are applying for which will be most suitable for your qualification, experience and more importantly, your interest. You can apply for five courses at the same university or in different universities. The courses that various universities are offering are also available in the UCAS website, so you can explore from there and decide about the course and university that you are going to opt for.

  1. Check the deadline:

Make sure to check the deadline before applying for a course. It is absolutely necessary to maintain the deadline while applying for a course.

  1. Check the fee structure:

Before applying for a course, be sure that you know the fee structure of your course. Sometimes, it becomes a vital factor while selecting your course of study.

Process of application through UCAS:

  1. Registration:

You can register independently or through your institution if they are registered with UCAS.

  1. Filling Up the Application Form:

Fill up all the detailed information of the application form after you complete your registration.

  1. Personal Statement:

Personal statement plays a vital role in your selection. The personal statement includes your educational background, you experience of work, your motivation for opting the course, a brief history of your life etc. This gives a detailed picture of yours to the universities you are applying to and thus they can easily decide whether the course will be suitable for you or not. As the personal statement plays a vital role in your selection, you can opt for Personal Statement Help from professional service providers to design the best personal statement for you.

  1. References:

You need to upload at least two references along with your application. It can be from your teacher, employer, somebody at higher ranking post who can write a letter of recommendation for you mentioning your strength and ability in the field of course that you are applying for.

  1. Submit the application:

After you fill up all the relevant details in your application, submit it and wait for the result. Remember one thing you need to disclose everything about you while applying for a course. Sometimes, It can be your criminal records also depending on the course of study that you are opting for.

So, if you are thinking about going to your dream university in UK and pursue your choice of course, don’t sit back, start the process now. It needs a lot of research work and good planning if you are really looking forward to get selected in your dream university.


How African American Family Services are improving community wellness?

The African American community are facing lot of mental and addiction issues as compared to other communities. 

Problems faced by African American Community:

  1. Lack of Education

Lack of education can lead to many socio-economic problems which ultimately going the affect the mental health of a community. 

  1. Poor economic condition

Economic crisis can lead to depression, addiction to drug or alcohol and mental stress.

  1. Importance given to health

Only about 50% of the community believes that health is a high priority, rest believes that it is a matter of fate or destiny. 

Problems faced by African American Community

  1. Social discrimination:

The social racism that they face ultimately leads them to unemployment, poor education, poor access to health services, unavailability of healthy food, violent neighbourhoods, addiction to illicit drug and alcohol etc.

  1. Violence:

It is also a major issue among African Americans. Black male adolescents are six times more likely to die in homicide than their white counterparts. Firearms are also a major area of concern among them. 

All these issues are definitely affecting the mental health of the African American Community.

We the AAFS or African American Family Services are here to give support to your community in case of any kind of addiction or mental illness related issues. Our service is based on the cultural values of your community, we have professionals who knows and can handle the issues without hurting the sentiment of your community. We take the holistic approach while addressing any issues. We not only provide the treatment to the person concerned but we also provide support to the family or community so that the problem can be solved in all possible ways. As we are dealing specially with African American Community only, we know all the area of concerns that we should be taking care of while giving the support to the person in need.

We are experienced in this field for more than 35 years and thus have a thorough knowledge about your community.

The drug addiction, violence, keeping firearms are some of the major areas of concern in the African American Society. All these are leading to serious mental health disorders. Thus, it is very important to address these issues and give the proper treatment to uplift the community. People should open up and accept the mental health disorders as a serious issue so that they approach for treatment in due course of time. We are working on this and gaining the confidence of the community and thus getting more and more response from the people with some kind of concern or problem.

A sound mental health is very important for any community to grow. The AAFS is exactly in path of doing this for African American community. The support provided by us will help to solve the issues like addiction, mental illness and thus ultimately will reduce the problems like violence, drug addiction etc. So, don’t think twice, if you are concerned about some issues related to mental health or addiction, reach AAFS immediately to get the best possible support you need for your problem.

Differences Between A School License And A Training Camp License Of Driving | Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each


When choosing a driving school, you need to choose between two license acquisition methods: a school license or a training camp license.

Some of you who are wondering whether to have a school license or a training camp license may say, “I know the difference, but I want, to know more!”

Knowing the difference between a school license and a training camp license will help you choose the license acquisition method that suits you best. Need help regarding this from any texas website, then this is your best fit.

This time, we will explain in detail the differences and advantages/disadvantages for those who are uncertain about choosing between a school license and a training camp license.


The big difference between a school license and a training camp license is “price” and “training period”.


While a driver’s license takes about 1 to 3 months to obtain a driver’s license while attending a driving school, a training camp license is a method of acquiring a driver’s license while training in a driving school for about 14 days. Generally, in terms of fees, a training camp license is often cheaper than a school license depending on the season.

From here, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of a school license and a training camp license.


The advantages and disadvantages of each of the school license and training camp license are as follows;


In some driving schools, you can appoint a skilled training instructor when you make a reservation by yourself. 

In addition, it is also a feature that you can study more slowly than a training camp license, such as being able to study independently for subject measures. 

Also, most of the time for having a school license, you will go to a driving school in your area.

At that time, since the skill training is conducted on the road around the driving school, it is also an advantage that the road conditions in the area where you live can be grasped during the skill training.

It is anxious to drive an unfamiliar land immediately after getting a license, but if you can grasp the road condition to some extent by skill training, you can avoid danger in advance by slowing down in places where people are likely to jump out.

On the other hand, during the busy season of the driving school, it becomes difficult to make reservations for skill training, so the training period tends to be prolonged.


The advantage of a training camp license is that you can get a license cheaply in a short period of time.

In terms of schedule, if you are limited to an ordinary driver’s license AT, you will be able to complete the subject training and skill training in a period of about 14 days.

It can be said that the tight schedule is a disadvantage for some people, but it is a license acquisition method to efficiently acquire driving skills because you can take skill training in a short period of time.

Also, the biggest merit is that you can get a driver’s license cheaper depending on the time of year compared to a school license.

There may be a huge difference in the price of a school license and a training camp license.

In this way, a training camp license is a license acquisition method that has many advantages in terms of price and efficiency.

On the other hand, while you can graduate in a short period of time with a training camp license, there are cases where it is difficult for some people to take a vacation of about two weeks for those who go to school or work, which is a disadvantage.


We have discussed the differences between school licenses and training camp licenses and their advantages and disadvantages.

When comparing a school license and a training camp license, the big difference is the “fee” and “duration”.

For those who want to go at their own pace and want to study the department carefully, it is recommended to take the time to get a driver’s license, but “I want to get a license at the lowest possible price” and “Short term” Those who want to graduate efficiently in between are better suited to a training camp license.

Choose a school license or a training camp license in light of your current situation, such as price, training period, days off from school or work!