How To Get a Bargain for your Storage Space

Prices of all things seem to skyrocket these days. If you could save a penny or two, that would bring to life the old adage, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. And in the storage facility business, this is all the more true. That’s because a lot of storage depot companies have vacant units for a large duration of time. Now the only way you’d get a good deal is if you could negotiate the prices as well as the terms well with them. As Carrie says, “Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.”

These are some of the tricks to getting a bargain:

  • Optimize the size

Storage space owners would invariably want to sell you the larger piece of their unit. But a little bit of research generally reveals that other smaller units are available as well. If you are persistent, the facility manager will acquiesce to your demands.

  • Go for a basic unit

Storage units near you come in all forms and amenities. A quick look around the facility will reveal the basic units without electrical outlets or climate controlled devices. If your needs can be met with such a unit, there is no need to for the other amenity-enriched units, just because they are more appealing (And generally they are kept well to sell more of these spaces).

  • Don’t select a prime location

If the location of your storage establishment is situated right in the middle of the city, chances are that it will be priced more than a center in distant suburbs or on the outskirts. If you want to store your items for a large duration of time, it makes sense to select a unit in an establishment that is a bit away from the main city.

  • Location of the Unit within the facility

If you choose a unit just at the entrance of the facility, chances are, it would be priced more. The more distant the location of the unit within the facility, lesser will be the price.

  • Facilities with Low Occupancy levels

Some storage spaces have high demand and some low; for various reasons. Some are well-managed, some are relatively new, some are not known outside the community etc. It natural that storage depots where the occupancy level is more, is going to be priced more than the ones where it is low. If most of the units are unoccupied, then a better pricing can be negotiated.

  • Never stop negotiating

This is the only way to keep getting a better bargain every time you want to avail service of a storage center. And by the way, this is applicable everywhere. Some owners won’t reduce the prices but will give you other freebies and perquisites, just explore and probe more.

Also, they might give you a discount if you refer a friend or business to them. This is also a good way to build rapport and long-term relationship.