There are a few important factors which you would need to be apprised of, before you could consider taking up the certification examination to qualify as a Certified Public Accountant. There is no centralized national professional body in the United States that would control the examination process or any other aspects as they are all delegated to the respective states.

There are 55 jurisdictions under the umbrella of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA), each of them are individually controlled by their respective Boards of Accountancy. Hence if you are to practice this profession, you may need to strictly meet the criteria and requirements of the inherent standards of the Board of Accountancy in that particular state.

Those who could meet its stringent standards could be on a roller coaster ride to success, with the CPA tag after their names in a business card, which would open many doors to their future. The CPA is a well recognized professional qualification and one that could propel you the world of counting numbers in any organization and advising the managements on financial discipline.

The CPA bestows the professional financial management ability to ensure that the public or private sectors of the American economy keep their numbers within the required standards of the nation. To help in your endeavor would ensure that you have what it takes and you could also seek help on the website on requirements for CPA license for any further details you would need.  We list below some of those salient factors which would help you determine, your future in this very versatile and competitive profession, but one with immense potential.


#. Citizenship

To register and sit for the CPA examination you would need to be a United States citizen which would also allow you to work in the state, that you are domiciled if not look up the alternatives.

#. Course study

It is imperative that you follow the CPA course within one of the 55 jurisdictions and ensure that the college or institute is accredited to the respective Board of Accountancy.


#. Work requirements

Ensure that you are presently working or have in the past acquired a 150 semester hour degree related to the accounting profession, which would be an important stepping stone.


#. Age bar

To register and sit for the CPA examination you would need to be 18 years and older which is also an important requirement.


#. CPA supervision

It is imperative that the person signing off your accounting work is a CPA, if you are working in the private sector which would not be an issue if you are with a public accounting body.