What Is the Characteristics between Automobile Engine and Excavator Engine on Speed Limiter

According to the working conditions and requirements of the above engines on speed limiter, the two machines have different characteristics as follows:


1. The speed of calibration is different The calibration speed of the automobile engine is high for the Speed Governor, because the vehicle does not often run in the high speed area for a long time, but the machine needs to run frequently in the high speed zone.


2. The control of the speed governor is different The resistance of the car is predictable, such as the bad road, the steep slope and so on; and the load change of the excavator is not foreseeable in many cases. For example, in the excavation, it is impossible to know what the underground geology or the ground condition is, so the engine of the excavator is controlled by the Vehicle Speed limiter for trucks. Therefore, under the control of the traditional injection pump mechanical governor, the vehicle is controlled by the two stage governor, and the working machine is controlled by the whole speed governor, although the acceleration is not as flexible as the two pole governor, but the ability of the engine to overcome the resistance is higher than that of the two stage governor.


3. The demand for noise reduction is different Automobile engines have higher requirements for noise reduction. For noise, the vehicle can often make articles on the noise and noise shielding of exhaust emissions, reducing the noise emission. As long as the noise is not exceeding the standard, the noise can be passed through acceptance. The excavator engine is not strict in this respect, and with the booming noise, it will exert itself to work.


4. The demand for machine weight is different For the power and weight ratio of the machine, the car requires a smooth and portable driving, so the vehicle needs to be lightweight to reduce the quality of the car and reduce the fuel consumption. Excavators are not very demanding because of their job demands. Sometimes they even need to increase their counterweight.