4 Things That a Lawyer Needs From You in a Premises Liability Case

Premises Liability Cases are tricky to understand for a person outside of the law, and it becomes very difficult to make out what all comes under it. But if you are trying to file a case and have already thought of hiring a lawyer. What are the things that your lawyer would want to know from you about a premises liability case that you might be willing to file? Wondering? Well, we have got you covered and here are the 4 things that your lawyer might want to know about in your slip and fall case.


  • A Quick Brief of the Incident

The lawyer would want you to brief about the whole incident. He would then want to analyze and may ask things in details. A quick brief would help him understand the things and people involved and also help him understand the situation. Once he has understood the situation, he might be able to add some legal angles to it in order to move forward. A lawyer always expects his/her clients to be truly honest about whatever they tell the lawyer. This actually works in the favor of the client only, but sometimes clients just hide a few things from the lawyer which eventually has an adverse effect on them only. The premises liability lawyers at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. can assist you if you’ve been injured through a slip and fall accident.

  • The Severity and Nature of the Injury

A lawyer would ask and want to know about the severity of the injury and its nature in order to build upon the case. It actually helps the lawyer in presenting the case in a better way. If a lawyer is completely aware of the severity of the injury, the lawyer can easily move the members of the jury by his arguments. The arguments would also consist of the kind of loss the victim has gone through or is currently going through. It actually would also help the lawyer establish the effects of the injury on the overall family of the victim and his family income.

  • The Present State and Condition of the Victim

A lawyer would also want to know about the present state of the victim in order to be able to again establish the case in a much stronger way. The present state of the victim has a lot to do with the court and the proceedings. If the lawyer is able to bring the current condition of the victim into the arguments the lawyer would be able to turn the tables around.

  • Expectations from the Lawsuit

The most important question of all the questions your lawyer would ask you is what do you want to do. If you just want a compensation or do you want to just put the person responsible behind the bars. They would want to know exactly what you are looking for before the whole lawsuit in order to help you get what you want. They would make sure that you get justice in every way legally possible.l