Developing Trends

An Analysis on the Current Status and Developing Trends of Web Contents Creation in China

The Mobile Web Era is a era with the “contents” be the “King”. If you don’t have concrete content, why would the users/visitors come to your web platform? Without contents, how could you cultivate your desired user habits? The convenience of the Mobile Internet has gradually become a basic feature, and a new round of content war has just started.

From the portal website to the network to the mass media era, gradually from the content of the acquisition of content to content producers. After the emergence of short video social software such as DouYin, Kuaishou and MicroVsion (some Chinese social video platforms), the enthusiasm of the masses for the production of media content is unprecedented. When users participate in the production of content in large quantities and the multi-media symbiosis comes, the platform becomes more accurate in the drawing of users’ portraits and the era of intelligent media starts at the same time. In the foreseeable future, content output and access barriers will be completely disappeared, and mass media and think media will reach the same goal.

Developing Trends

In the future, content and IP will play an increasingly important role, and traffic will be a 50-50 ratio. Since last year, the battle for content and IP has been waged by some of the biggest names in the Internet industry.

  1. status quo of content development in the mobile Internet industry
  1. The demographic dividend of mobile Internet is gradually reduced, and it is more difficult for independent APP to obtain users. Therefore, the construction of ecological traffic is imperative

Since the industry recognized that mobile Internet entered the second half and demographic dividend disappeared, more and more enterprises in the industry shifted their focus from incremental users and incremental traffic to operation of existing users and existing traffic. At the same time, the Internet group has also gradually integrated the ecological traffic of its APP, mobile web page, H5 and other mobile terminals. It also hopes to occupy more scenes by providing more traffic portals to gain users’ attention and traffic. Ecological flow may become the key to break the situation, similar to the structure of the spider web, in social, video, information, reading, browser and other scenarios to reach the user, the whole network traffic management has gradually become a consensus.

  1. Content platform takes the lead in entering the whole network traffic management era

In the context of mobile Internet, content platform is particularly prominent in the construction of ecological flow:

Represented by information, video and digital content has a natural viscous and share transmitted for many times, in different platform integration module is also easier content is what you see is what you get, the premium content can win customer more time, also increases the chances of advertising more exposure, even if the content are spread outside of the APP (translation) also can still bring advertising value; Inbound traffic will also bring users backflow, rely on high-quality content spread outside the station, and at a lower cost to obtain the user’s natural growth, this also is helpful for prompt content translation type APP pay more attention to the quality of the content, a good user experience from the current mobile platform for Internet content classification, mainly includes the comprehensive information, vertical information, digital reading, mobile video, etc. For the content platform, it is good to guide users to download their own APP and deposit it. If not, it can also cater to users’ habit of consuming content on different platforms, especially the super entrance, and conduct commercial operation on its own ecological flow.

1) the overall user growth of digital reading APP industry slows down, and the ecological flow is built into the industry consensus

E-reading is naturally characterized by fragmentation. The forms of pictures and texts are conducive to communication and sharing (language translated), and can adapt to a variety of scenarios such as browser and social interaction. As the overall user growth of digital reading APP industry slows down, the construction of ecological flow becomes more important for various digital reading platforms.

2) the user growth of mobile video APP industry is slow, while that of short video APP industry is fast

The user growth of the whole mobile video APP industry tends to slow down, but the lightweight content represented by short video has the attributes of social interaction and sharing, which conforms to the current fragmentation trend of user content consumption. Expanding more ecological traffic entrance may become a new growth point of mobile video APP industry.

Mobile video APP industry monthly active user scale and growth trend

3) comprehensive information APP industry develops rapidly and becomes an important traffic entrance of mobile Internet

Comprehensive information APP industry over recent years, with the rapid development of user growth began to slow, the growing competition in the industry, both comprehensive information independent APP development in full swing, and there was a phone Baidu, UC in the form of super APP traffic investment – such as user segment cut into the market, also hopes to its super flow of cash again. Major translation companies like the ACE CHINESE TRANSLATION also joined force to help provide more relevant translated contents to Chinese cyber space. The main reasons are as follows. First, the information flow caters to the rigid demand of mobile Internet users. With its huge user scale, high stickiness and precise algorithm recommendation gene, it becomes an important traffic entrance of mobile Internet. Second, it can also achieve the situation of three-win for advertisers, media and users, and become one of the most suitable forms for mobile advertising, and the commercial realization is more in line with the trend.

4) the user growth of the automobile information APP industry is slow, and the ecological flow scenario covers or becomes the core competitiveness of the next stage

As the growth of mobile users stagnates and the demographic dividend is exhausted, it has a great impact on the automobile information industry. The competition in the automobile information industry will be intensified by various companies grabbing existing users and digging out the value of existing users. Faced with such a situation, the full mobile domain platform, ecological flow scenario coverage, will be the next stage of the core competitiveness.

Monthly active user scale and growth trend of auto information APP industry

Content platforms represented by digital reading, mobile video and comprehensive information have made many attempts in ecological flow, among which there are some typical products relying on ecological flow to achieve rapid growth, such as Miaopai, QQ reading and Daqo. These ecological traffic development models will also bring enlightenment to other industry segments, relying on the sharing and dissemination of lightweight content to occupy as many user scenarios as possible. The future competition lies not only in maintaining the stability and growth of independent apps (language translated), but also in creating more diverse traffic portals and turning traffic into greater commercial value.