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Lucky Loans Privacy Statement

Lucky Loans prides itself as being a transparent company.  They have full disclosure of their interest rates, annual percentage rates, maximum loan amounts and repayment schemes.  This is to ensure borrowers that they are trustworthy.

One of the disclosures of the company is its privacy statement.  In this age when identity theft could happen, a prospective borrower may be wary to give out any personal details for fear of having it used to mine for more personal ones.  At Lucky Loans, they are upfront with what they do with the data that you provide to them.  Before signing electronically, it might be helpful to take a look at their privacy statement to ensure that you are comfortable with its clauses and provisions. Please go to for more info.

Lucky Loans

Privacy Statement

It is the goal of the company to safeguard the consumer’s privacy as much as possible.   The privacy statement provides an information on what the company does to the details you disclose in their site, where it goes, as well as the way they use the cookies on their website.

Handling and Processing of Personal Details

It is stated that any information they acquire from your application will be relayed to and kept by Monevo Limited which is the appointed representative of Quint Group Limited, a broker duly authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

It is further stated that Monevo Limited puts a premium on your privacy and have formulated measures to ensure that your privacy will not be violated and will be handled in accordance with the principles of good information handling.  It also declares that the processing and maintenance of your records will be guided by the mandate of the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Personal Data Needed

The company also shares what data they will be needing from you, how they will be able to obtain these data, how they will handle and process the said data, and how these data will not be used, in an way that will unlawfully violate your privacy.

The details they will be asking from you includes the following:  your name, residence, residence status, email address, birthday, income details , work and home telephone numbers and bank account details as well as details of your internet usage related to the company’s website.

Disclosure of Information

The privacy statement also makes you aware that the information that you share may be disclosed to Lenders and partners who may have the need to process these information, in as much as the privacy policy allows.

This information may also be used for statistical purposes, for the prevention, investigation and detection of fraud and other illegal activities and providing you with other financial resources and offers that you may be interested in.

Moreover, the privacy policy states that when the need arises, Monevo may transfer your personal data to locations that are outside of the European Union for the purpose of processing and storage.

They give the guarantee that they will never give out your personal data to parties other than what is stipulated in the privacy statement, except in the following instances:  if they sell any of their business to the buyer, if the law requires them to divulge your information, if it is needed to reduce the possibility and risk of fraud.